The Real Meaning behind some Words

I love the English language because it gives people like me, the chance to play with words and their meanings. I have put a few of my favourite below, I hope you enjoy reading them.

Baby Sitter: This career is one of the best forms of birth control around.

Friend: People you like to keep at a distance on Facebook.

Sarcasm: Insulting people who you hope haven’t got the intelligence to realise they’re being insulted or not.

CommunicateSecret: This is a sentence that must be shared in hushed tones with the warning “you didn’t hear this from me, but”.

Colcannon: A dish that’s perfect for those who can’t cook.

English: A nationality that is loved all over the world whenever they leave.

Manicure: Something to discuss when the weather has been exhausted.

Alcohol: A wonderful drink that makes you wonder how you managed to spend so much and still arrive home so sober.

Pay you back: Somebody who thinks you’re gullible, but respects your ability to manage your money.

Heaven: A place where you get to do all the things that will prevent you from going there in the first place.

Cool: People who have learned that, what other people think of them is really none of their business.

Hail Enda

Hail Enda

Democracy: A place where you vote for the dictator with the greatest ability to promise you the world in a believable tone.

Lazy: A person that will find the most efficient way of accomplishing everything.

Worker: A person who admires Lazy.

Pets: Animals who love you because of who you are, and not who they want you to be.

 If you enjoyed the list please share it with your friends. please add some of your words with interesting meanings.




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