Your Customers Always Deserve your Best Work

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

This quote by Benjamin Franklin is our life’s learning in a sentence, except for the final part of the sentence which is (Involve me and I learn) is normally absent from our lives.

Chalk board.Our parents, teachers, lecturers and employers are only too happy to tell us or show us what they want us to accomplish, but it is a rare person that is told, why they are to accomplish a certain task.




Our parents tell us to sit up straight, and an awful lot more besides, but that’s enough to give a good example. The whole point of sitting up straight is to have a good posture which will enable us to project our voice forward and not project it to the floor, it will also protect against backache and other aches and pains caused by stooping. Sitting up straight will have us standing tall when we get to old age,

I’m sure you have seen the old dear walking down the street, you think she is looking for money on the ground, but that stoop is caused by years of neglecting her posture; even as I write this paragraph, I have started to sit up straighter as I understand why is so important to know why we do what we do.


Our teachers and lecturers spend years teaching us many subjects, in my day the reason for learning these subjects was to avoid another close look at the Teacher’s stick or a close encounter with the flying duster, that’s right it would be flying in your direction. We were never told at any stage that, we need to learn in order to understand the world we live in.

Contracts would need to be read and understood before being signed, when we go to the shops, we would need to be able to calculate what we can afford to purchase, even if there was a sale on and having the ability to write an e-mail to keep in touch with your friends and family is a skill that every person should have in their arsenal.


Our employers train us to complete certain tasks in a certain way, but rarely do they inform us as to why we do it. I worked in an electric cable manufacturing plant for a number of years, and at no stage can I remember being informed of the reasons for completing our jobs diligently. Quality was a priority for them, but that was to reduce raw material costs. The company should have informed us of the following.

“When the cable you are helping to make is finished, it will be put in somebody’s home, if there are any faults with the product, it could electrocute the Electrician installing the cable, or it could electrocute the person living in the house.”

That is just one example of understanding why we do what we do, in every task that is completed, the how to do it should always be followed up with the why we do it, and the why we do it, should always be from the customer’s point of view.

Chalk board 1.*Your employer’s name is at the bottom of your salary, but it is the customer who pays your wages, if you disappoint your customers, you may find, you have no employers either.

Till later,

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