Quality will beat Quantity in everything except Money

Five EuroThere is only one example I am aware of where quantity beats quality every time and that concerns money in your bank account, but in order to acquire money to put into your bank account, you will need to put into effect, the quality before quantity rule.

If you had one hundred bottles of wine in your cellar, but only one of the bottles was drinkable; the time, money and energy put into the other ninety-nine bottles of wine has been a waste of your valuable resources.

If you were to stand outside your place of business all day, and usher every pedestrian into your establishment; by the end of the day, you may have found one person who needs your products or services, but that one person is not going to pay for the time and energy you put in to finding them.

The same principles apply to social media marketing; when you don’t reach your target market on the social media platforms you use;  whether it’s the number of likes on Facebook, followers on Twitter, or the number of connections you have on LinkedIn; the time and energy you used is of no value to your business.

Quality Guaranteed.

Quality Guaranteed.

The “quality before quantity rule” should be applied to the information you share on your social media platforms too. Never share information containing a link unless you know the information behind the link is going to be of value to your connections. Your online reputation is based on the quality of the information you share, if the information you share is of little value, your brand may be tagged with the same identity.

  • Think quality before quantity every day and you will be successful in everything you do.

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