We will always Remember our Magical Moments

Magical moments will be remembered

Why are our magical moments so important?

If we are lucky, there will be times in our lives when we accomplish feats that surpass our own expectations; these are what I consider to be magical moments because just by dwelling on these memories for a few minutes when we are feeling down, they have the ability to lift our spirits, to make us believe in ourselves again and to give us the desire to continue moving forward to reach our current goals.

Your accomplishments do not have to be momentous from anybody else’s point of view, they are entirely personal.

One of my own magical moments is when I climbed up a rope in front of my daughters gymnastic class. The only reason I consider this accomplishment to be one of my magical moments is because getting to the top of the rope wasn’t a forgone conclusion.

I’m fairly sure I am the only one who remembers that event, but every time I do, I feel great pride in what I accomplished.

*Keep your magical moments for those moments when you need a lift in the right direction.


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