How to Increase Your Businesses Interaction on Twitter

Click on this image.The goal of every owner using Twitter for business is to interact with their customers and potential customers; in order to accomplish this, business owners need to make it as easy as possible for interaction to take place, they can do this by giving customers and potential customers a person’s name with whom they can have a conversation. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to say hi Brendan as opposed to hi carpet maker or hello The Power to Pin.

The picture below is an example of what I mean, in each tweet; there are three ways of identifying the sender of the tweet.

1)      The profile picture,

2)      The Name of the Twitter profile

3)      The Twitter address

Twitter in action


As you can see in this example, the companies are just repeating the same information three times. If you like replying to real people, there is no way you are going to reply to any of the tweets sent out by these brands; unless you have prior knowledge of who is in control of the twitter account or you have the time to go to their Twitter home page.

This is very easy to fix, all business owners have to do is; change the name of the Twitter profile to a real person’s name, leaving the brand as the profile picture and the Twitter address.

  • This will give people interacting with the Twitter account, a real person with whom to have a conversation with which will increase the interaction with the account,

The name of Twitter profile can be changed as the person responsible for the twitter account changes.

  • *-* Brands can do social media, they just need to show their social side.

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