Reasons to be Cheerful.

Reasons to be cheerful are every bit as plentiful as reasons to be sad; it is up to you to decide which of your memories you want to concentrate on, personally I prefer to look for reasons to be happy.

I love nature, and I can spend hours just looking at all the amazing colours that surround me, such as the five shades of Green leaves on the trees in front of me, not to mention the four different shades of Green in the lawn.

I like to take the time to admire how the Sunshine sparkles on the sea, rivers and streams as I pass and how the water takes on different hues depending on the depth of the water.

I love to watch birds flying, especially the Swallows at this time of year; they put on an exhibition of flying that the most experienced aerobatics pilot must be jealous of.

We have been given  the ability to appreciate life in all its forms, and it is free to everybody regardless of where they are.

Enjoy them while you can.

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