“Our Memories protect our Future by Forgetting our Past”

Always keep a positive approach to life.

Life is not about waiting for the weather to clear; it is about being prepared for the weather we get. The way in which we prioritise our memories allow us to move forward with a positive outlook on life.

The best example of having a selective memory is the weather, how many times have you heard these sentences being muttered by people of a certain age?

Oh the weather was never like this when I was growing up; we didn’t have that many rainy days and I also remember spending long summer evenings playing hide and seek with my friends because the sun didn’t set until after ten. We spent more time at the beach than anywhere else during the summers of my youth.

The above sentences are the sentiments of most people I have had the privilege to meet because in my experience people prefer to remember the good rather than the bad times, having a memory of sitting in a room all day looking out at the rain falling from thunderous black clouds does not have the same attraction as a memory of being outside on a beautifully sunny day playing amid the newly baled straw or spending hours down on the beach learning how to swim through the waves.

I believe our Memories work in the similar manner in relation to the people we interact with; over time we tend to remember the good traits people possess; we think about the positive effects and the good times we shared with them and we dismiss the momentary minutes of madness we witnessed to the back of our minds.

Our selective memory protects us for our own good; if bad memories were always the first in the queue to be mulled over, the world would be full of people with a very negative outlook on life.

  • When you remember positive stories from your past, you will have the best preparation for your future.

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Kind regards,

Brendan Dunne.


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