Find New Ways to Fix Old Problems

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”~ Albert Einstein.

Life changes every day and if we don’t change with it, we get left behind. If a life mirrored maths, we could use the same solution to similar problems, but it doesn’t, life is a bit more complicated.

If we started looking for the solution to each new problem with the words “I don’t know,” we are more likely to think of different approaches to finding solutions, this is sometimes referred to as thinking outside the box.

The following is an example of what happens when alternatives are not taken into consideration.

Henry Ford once said; our customers can have their cars in any colour they like, as long as it is Black, in answer to consumers looking for their new cars to be made available in a variety of different colours like those being manufactured by his competitors.

A more flexible approach could have saved him time and money, just because we have always done things in a certain way, does not mean there is not an alternative and maybe a more efficient way of getting the task at hand completed.

When your mind is open to new ideas, the challenges you will face in the future will be easier to overcome, and your business will grow as a direct result of your new thought process.

Till later

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Brendan Dunne.


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One Response to Find New Ways to Fix Old Problems

  1. Hi, I like your words, they incite me to be thoughtful 🙂


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