“You will not Change your Social Media Results through Repetition”

Repetition is the key to insanity if you are in agreement with Albert Einstein, the genius who, at the age of 42 had received his Nobel Prize for his contribution to physics, namely for his relativity theory.

You can see how the quote below his picture could be attributed to the great man as it has the theory of relativity written all over it, if you expect different results from doing the same thing over and over again, you may indeed be considered to be living in a different world from the rest of humanity. Only change can bring about different results.

Children understand this more than most because if you have ever witnessed a child trying to get its own way, they will ask the question, can we do it? Over and over before realisation dawns that they need to change their approach in order to get a different answer.

I know my children are going to be excellent negotiators because they have already figured out that if they want something different, they have to do something different before they get it.

When we look at the social media environment using the same analogy, we can see that some businesses need to alter how they conduct their promotions; let’s use Facebook as an example.

How many Facebook business pages have you visited where they have thousands of likes but only a handful of customers are interacting with the page? Quite a few I would imagine. The reason becomes clear when you scroll down through the posts on the page; every post is the same, all they’re doing is informing you of what the company has to offer? Sell, sell, sell seems to be their only strategy which brings to mind the following quote “When you spend all your time telling your customers of what you have to offer, you will never find out what they need?” ~ADM

That is not the idea behind social media, it’s called social for a reason and that reason is to create a platform where people can interact and share information. A business has to take the time to identify what their customer’s interests are and then make relevant posts because in order for the Facebook page to work for the business, the Facebook page must work for the customer.

  • The key to getting something different is change, change the business’s behaviour and you change the way customers behave towards the business. ~ADM

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