How To Delegate Successfully


It says it all.

What is Delegation? Delegation is entrusting somebody else with your authority to complete scheduled tasks on your behalf. It seems simple enough; tell them what you want accomplished? And then let them off to complete the task. But before you can put that simple sentence into practice, you have to answer the following; why do you need to delegate anything? What do you need to delegate? And how are you going to delegate?

Why delegate?

Scarce resources are the main reasons to delegate tasks to someone else within your organisation or to delegate those tasks to a third-party. Money, time and knowledge are the resources that are normally under pressure in most businesses; when you are short of any of these resources, the business as a whole suffers because tasks do not get the adequate concentration required to complete them to the required standard.

What to delegate?

This is important.

Most business owners will have the capacity to execute all the tasks that are required by the business, but in order to determine what to delegate? They have to do an honest S.W.O.T analysis of their abilities. When they identify the abilities where they are weak, these tasks should be delegated to someone else. This does not mean they remove their responsibility for the completed task which this leads us to how to delegate?


How to delegate?

The successful delegation of these tasks will not be accomplished overnight as it takes time for the trust required for delegation to work to be built up between both parties.

The owner will want to ensure that the tasks to be delegated are going to be completed to a continuously high standard.

The owner will have to draw up an in-depth brief of the task that is to be delegated? And if possible, there should be examples of previous tasks that have already been completed.

At the beginning for the relationship, the owner will edit the work before it is published, but over time this will not be required, as the person completing the delegated task will have a clear understanding as to what is required of them.

  • When you delegate scheduled tasks in a responsible manner, you will never be disappointed with the end result.
  • The careful delegation of authority is one of the most important aspects of building a successful business. When done correctly, it pays huge dividends and adds valuable experience to the business, leaving the owner more time to concentrate on the core activities of growing the business.

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