Whether you are happy or sad will not affect your Ability to reach your Goals

Happiness and Sadness are separated from your goals.

Whether you are happy or sad? Will not affect your ability to reach your goals, but it will affect whether you appreciate reaching those goals.

This comes back to that well used phrase, when you choose a career you love, that career will never come with the tagline of work. When this occurs you will always be happy completing your tasks.

When you are a professional, you diligently complete all the tasks required of you; happiness or sadness doesn’t play any part of your working life because you know that is what you are getting paid to do.

On the other hand when you work in a profession where you believe you are undervalued, one where you believe you are capable of accomplishing so much more; this is a recipe for sadness.

  • In each scenario your state of mind is all that changes, the ability to complete the tasks at hand are not affected only whether you are completing them with a smile or a grimace.

Kind regards,

Brendan Dunne


About BrendanDunne

Sharing my life experience, one post at a time.
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