Leave people who are not worthy of you where they belong, Behind You

Our time is limited, don’t waste it.

The time we have to spend on this earth is limited and therefore should not be wasted on those people who are not worthy of your thoughts. When you spend any time thinking about revenge, about how you are going to get back at them? Or how you’re going to make them pay? You are giving those people more control over your life than they deserve because unless you are prepared to sink to their level, you will never carry out any of your plans for revenge.

A better way to spend our time is thinking about what positive things we can do for other people; these actions are something we will carry out and they also create the kind of memories we can look back on with pride.

Remember the words of Lou Holtz, You will never get ahead of anybody if you are constantly trying to get even with them.

Till later,

Kind regards,

Brendan Dunne.


About BrendanDunne

Sharing my life experience, one post at a time.
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