“Proper Preparation is Essential but keep Hope close to your Heart”

The World would be a desolate place without HOPE.

“Thoughts lead to words, words lead to actions, and hope is the thread that binds up each.” is a wonderful quote by Aimee Angle.

Our journey through life is always one of planning and discovery, as children our parents guide us by ensuring we get the best possible start in life, as teenagers we try to insert our own control over where our lives are heading by choosing subjects where we have a genuine interest, college follows where we develop the foundation required to continue following our dreams. We leave college and start looking for our place in the world’s economy. We journey to foreign lands to experience some of the world before returning or not to our own locality. We start looking for that career opportunity that will give us the type of life we dream of having, for some the dream is to settle down and just be grateful for a check every week or at the end of the month, then there are those who have dreams of running the country, and they become school teachers. But regardless of what dream we have? we make plans for that dream to become a reality.

Life moves on, we have planned as well we can for each stage of our life, we hope that all our planning will have a positive result. That is becoming more and more difficult especially in today’s economy, where every news bulletin starts off with, Good evening, and then for the next half hour, tell you why it isn’t. Some business or other has met its demise and more people are forced to make that depressing journey to the social welfare office. The Government has announced more spending cuts to keep the bond holders happy, even though every economist I’ve heard is sending a clear message that the only way to move forward in the right direction is to invest in the economy and not detract from it, but that’s a story for another day.

A lot of people in the country have reached that point where, hope is all that keeps them getting up in the morning. The hope for a brighter tomorrow, the hope that the world will turn around before their houses are repossessed or their children reach adulthood.

  • Cherish hope, as long as you can see hope on your horizon, you will continue to believe in your future.

Till next time

Kind regards,

Brendan Dunne.


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One Response to “Proper Preparation is Essential but keep Hope close to your Heart”

  1. emeralds82 says:

    Great Post Brendan !! Really like that quote “Thoughts lead to words, words lead to actions, and hope is the thread that binds up each.” .. Mine for the day 🙂


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