The Future you Imagine is Yours to Turn into Reality

A Clear Perspective

When you don’t know where your destiny lies? There are two chances of reaching it, slim and none. That is why the word Strategy is used with such regularity by business leaders these days. Business leaders have identified that by using a picture of what the business will look like at a specific point in time, they will be able to adapt what they have? Or purchase what is required? To change the picture of the business today to fit the future image. That’s the basics of a strategic approach to business.

The same approach is used by college students today, they try to see where the openings will be in the economy four years into the future and they then set about developing the skill set that will be required by their future employers. In today’s economy, the students beginning their college careers need to be incredibly wary of learning skills that are no longer of value to society.

The majority of businesses don’t use strategy, they just plan for what’s directly in front of them. They plan what they are going to do on a monthly basis, some even plan what they’re going to do on a weekly basis, this approach works for many businesses but there are drawbacks.

One of the biggest drawbacks is security, the security that business owners see a future for the business, the security that the employee’s will have a career. When the business owner doesn’t plan for the future of the business, the employees start planning for what they will do after the business’ demise?

Strategy is working from a point in the future back to the present, planning is working from today to a point in the future. They both cover the same time period but the strategic planner has an image of what the business will look like when they get there, whereas the planner will still be pushing the image he sees in front of him today.

  • When you know what you want to achieve for you and your business, the easier it will be to answer today’s questions.

Kind regards,

Brendan Dunne

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