Is your credibility Important to You

AttentionAre believable and trustworthy the kind of words you want associated with your business? The majority of people I know would answer yes to that question. If I am having a conversation with a friend or a business colleague, the last thing I want them to be wondering is whether they can rely on what I’m saying. Credibility isn’t something you can buy; it is the positive outcome of all your thoughts, words and actions.

How you gain credibility

If you said that you would meet John for a business meeting at the Woodlands Hotel at three o clock, would you arrive on time? If you were running late, would you ring John in plenty of time to allow John to decide whether to go ahead with the meeting? If the answer is yes, and you follow that behaviour as a general rule, then we can say you are a credible person to deal with.

If you business received an order that was to be delivered on the 15th of October at 10 AM.  The order was sent out and delivered on time, and then your credibility is assured. If the order was behind schedule and you rang your customer to inform them, this would also raise your credibility.

When you provide the name of a service provider to a friend and that service provider provides an excellent service for your colleague, your credibility will rise in the eyes of your friend.

  • If everybody you promote does what you say they will do? You will always have friends looking for your valuable opinions.

How you lose credibility

When you provide the name of a carpenter to a friend, and that carpenter provides a poor product and a poor service, your friend might never say anything to you, but they will definitely question your wisdom and probably everything else you say from that day forward.

I have seen on a couple of occasions where people have said that they have been contacted by a relative stranger looking for a reference, they put out a message looking for an opinion on what answer they should give this person? This for me is a situation where nobody should need advice; they should politely decline to give any reference where they haven’t sufficient knowledge to back it up. It’s their credibility they would be gambling with. Of course sending out that particular message in the first place will lose credibility.

LinkedIn has recently given its members the ability to endorse their connections, this in essence is a good idea and follows in line with the networking attitude that is prevalent on the LinkedIn platform, but now I see that it’s being abused, people are clicking the endorse button, without giving consideration to what it means. If you see the same person endorsing the people they know one after the other? The message they’re sending out is,” my endorsement is of no real value because I’m endorsing everyone.”

  • Only endorse people you know will increase your credibility, or you may find nobody wants to hear any of your opinions.



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