It is Essential to Have a Clear Path to Your Destination

When you don’t know where you’re going, or how you’re going to get there, you are in for a seriously interesting journey, because we normally require some knowledge of our destination, in order to make the plans needed to get us there.

An old Irish proverb comes to mind, if you reach a crossroads and you don’t know where you are going, any road you take, has the potential to be the wrong road for you.

This is as important for business as it is in our personal lives, having a clear direction is essential to keeping our eyes firmly fixed on the road ahead of us. It is only when we start noticing what other people are doing on the road or the scenery which is on every side of us, that we are heading for trouble.

This story will help to illustrate my point. One day a friend of mine was travelling along a relatively busy road, he came to a roundabout and just as he was about to enter the roundabout, he noticed an attractive girl walking on the side of the road, it was in that instant that he didn’t notice the car in front slowing down and yes, you guessed it, bang. A very expensive lesson about keeping your attention firmly fixed on your destination.

The same lesson applies to businesses, how much time have you spent researching to find out what your competition is up to? Are they trying to entice your clients away from you? This is the time when you should be concentrating on what value you provide to your clients? If you are doing your best to ensure that you are satisfying their needs? You will never have to worry about your competition, but if you spend a lot of time which you don’t have to spare, concentrating on goals which are not helping your business today, you may find yourself with no business at all.

Focus on what’s important to your business, and let everybody else worry about what you’re doing? This is what will make your business successful.

Till later.

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If you refuse to accept every opportunity you're given, you can't blame anybody for the live your living.
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