Marketing Grows with Technology

Important messages

Once upon a time stone tablets were used to send out important messages, time moves on and the way we communicate with our markets has to adjust accordingly.

We can no longer just put up signs on every road or place ads in paper or magazine that is printed, because the customers and clients that we rely for our survival are getting information online from their friends and colleagues.

These friends are from across the globe, and the advice they are giving has more credibility with the listener than someone the business is paying to promote their messages.

Social media platforms have given the power to the consumer and they are using it wisely.
Social media marketing is in its infancy, whereby there are more sales techniques being used online than social media marketing techniques, this will change and from what I am witnessing, it is changing on a daily basis. Marketers are quickly learning that sending out sales slogans like “The best house for sale ever” are being ignored unless there has been some prior interaction with the sender.

For any business that wants to create a digital footprint? The steps are quite simple.

1) Determine what you want to accomplish using any social media platform.
2) Learn the basic tools for that specific platform.
3) Follow your peers.
4) Watch and learn from the way they interact with their followers.
5) Use what you have learned to connect with your customers and clients, only do it better than your competitors.

The most important point to remember about social media marketing is that it requires patience and perseverance to be of value to your business. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and there were a lot of crusades required before the messages contained on those stone tablets were accepted across the world.

Social Media

I believe that marketing is being enriched by social media and in time all businesses will look at their customers and clients as friends and not someone with a target on their back.

Darwin’s theory of evolution through natural selection is as applicable to marketing as it to the evolution of any species, marketers have to adapt to the environment they operate in and not the one they would like to operate in, if they wish to survive in this ever-changing world.

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