Building Customer Loyalty can be Accomplished using Email Marketing

You’ve got mail.

Email marketing is an inexpensive way for business’s to communicate with their customers and prospects in comparison to other forms of advertising, but before any business starts their email marketing strategy, they should have the answer to that all important question, what do they hope to accomplish by using email marketing? Or to put it another way, what can be accomplished using an email marketing strategy?

The following outlines different email strategies that can be used:

Daily Transactions– In our everyday business activities, we have the opportunity to interact with our customers and prospects using email, examples are replying to product inquiries, purchase order confirmations, acknowledgements, invoice receipts and monthly statements to mention but a few. These emailed communications give the business the opportunity to inform and educate their customers/ prospects about where the business can be found online? Such as their Website, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest addresses. Each email should also contain an invitational link that will allow the recipient to sign up for all the business’s direct marketing campaigns.

Newsletters– This email is sent out on a regular basis, the timing of the newsletter is highly dependent upon the type of industry in which the business operates. This type of email is designed to enhance the business/client relationship; this email will contain information such as special offers, invitations to exhibitions, competitions & results, business and industry news. This kind of email requires the recipient to have opted in to receive the information otherwise the email will see the delete button and nothing else. This type of email is designed to be interactive using ongoing content to draw the recipient into opening and reading the email not just once but every time.

Direct mail– This kind of email is similar to the newsletter email in respect that the recipient must have opted in to receive the information, but that is where the similarity ends. This kind of email is sent to inform the recipient about new product/service development, product offers, it will contain brochures and catalogues and a specific call to action by a specific date. This mail is designed to be more informative than interactive.

Communication*We can see from the Nielsen global survey results, opt-in email is the fifth most trusted way for consumers to get information about a product or service; that information alone should be enough for you to start collecting your customer’s email addresses and start your email communication strategy.

*Email marketing is a very inexpensive way to advertise your business’s products or services, when used properly, it is a great way of building customer loyalty, the foundation of every successful business.

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