Business owners cannot use Social Media to directly increase their Sales Figures.

There is no arguing that social media platforms are an excellent way for small to medium enterprises to create a relatively cheap online presence. The platforms themselves are free, and if the business owner has the time, knowledge and experience, they will be able to use them effectively and efficiently, but as the headline states sales will not be won because of using social media, but as a result of using social media.

There’s a time and place for selling.

Let me elaborate a little, the people using social media platforms are too well-educated on what advertisement agencies are trying to accomplish, as a result advertising or promotional ads just don’t work, for example, let us look at General Motors who put an end to their ineffective Facebook campaign in May of this year. Another way of looking at social media advertising is, if you were out strolling in the park on a sunny afternoon and every ten steps you met someone trying to sell you a pair of Wellington boots, it would be as welcome as a thunderstorm.

In the case of Social Media, William A Katz put it quite accurately when he coined the phrase “The average reader is more interested in fun than in intellectual pursuits.”

The above quote is what business owners should keep in mind when they are using social media platforms, they should identify what their customer’s interests are and then post material that will be of interest to them. It can be anything from humour, stories, quotes, optical illusions, local news, charitable events etc, etc, etc. If you look at the programme schedule for traditional media it will give you ideas on what areas should be covered.

Social media marketing is a networking and brand building exercise; it gives you the opportunity to create a positive sentiment and awareness for your brand. As a result of your good work, customers and prospects will follow the links you provide into the areas of your business where sales can take place such as your website or place of business.

Communication*Focus your social media marketing on building relationships through providing the information your customers will find interesting and let the selling take care of itself.

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