Use your Words Wisely and Sparingly.

“If I have made this letter longer, it is because I have not had the time to make it shorter.” is a quote by Blaise Pascal.

I really like this quote as it spells out exactly the point I am going to make, the better you know the topic you are writing about the shorter and more direct your writing will be.

It takes very little skill to put down in words everything you know about a subject, but reading everything you know is not what your reader is looking for, your reader is looking to understand the message you are sending in as short a time period as possible.

For some subjects where there is a great deal of technical information, the piece you are writing will have to be long enough to incorporate all the necessary details, but with subjects such as social media, that technical detail is not necessary unless you are writing tutorials to teach new recruits and thus you can convey your message in as few words as possible.

We can break down the content you are sharing into three categories, the heading, the content and the message.

  • The heading should be relevant to the subject matter being discussed and not something that is used to get attention. “Man shoots up theater” will get attention, but if you are discussing how to make a Sunday roast, you will have a lot of disappointed readers.
  • The words you use should be the simplest possible in order for the piece to be easily understood.  I have started to read a few articles in my time where I needed a dictionary to understand the language being used, and the only message I received was, “I must get away from this article as quickly as possible.”
  • The message should be relevant right down through the piece you are writing, if you flesh out your original thought with information that doesn’t complement the original statement, the reader is just going to get confused about what the article is about.

The message of this post is; if you can communicate your message using twenty words, only use twenty words.

Quality not quantity is important in every aspect of business including writing.

Till later,

Arrow Digital Marketing.

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One Response to Use your Words Wisely and Sparingly.

  1. coretium says:

    I really like the quote by Pascal as well – it’s amazing that some things do not change. People who could make complicated things seem simple have always succeeded and will in the future.


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