Wasting the Time You are Given is Equal to Burning your Hard Earned Money

Time is free, it’s how you use of the time you’re given that will cost you money. In any business environment you don’t have the luxury of frittering away your time doing tasks, that with a little bit of planning and organisation you can avoid doing altogether. We are going to look at the basic things that you will do in the office everyday and see how much of your time you could be wasting?

We will first look at the little things such as finding a pen, a stapler, a stamp or one of the many objects that is required to run an office. We will take a pen for example, if you spend 15 to 20 seconds looking for a pen every day? that adds up to 1 hour a year looking for a pen, and if you charge by the hour you can quite easily calculate the cost.

Now we will look at finding a file or folder that hasn’t been put where it belongs. The length of time used to locate this file might take up to five minutes, if you spend this time every day, the yearly loss of time is 20 hours. Calculating the cost of 20 hours of lost working time can be far more painful.

Now we will look at the end of financial year, we spend days trying to find all the receipts and statements that if we had put them away correctly in the first place would only take a few minutes to put together. Calculating the cost of working days is easier but not any the less painful.

The biggest robber of our time is procrastination, this is normally the result of not putting adequate planning into the tasks that are needed to be accomplished daily, most people find that once they have put in adequate research the task at hand is usually done quite quickly, the cost of procrastination can be enormous, many a person will sit a computer for quite some time doing nothing other than wondering where to start. If we put a figure of one hour a day this adds up to 240 hours a year at a cost of $20 per hour equates to $4800 per year.

Time is free it’s the use of the time you a given that costs you money, put thought into accomplishing the tasks at hand, Put the pen in the holder every time, plan your days or your days will end up looking like feathers on the wind, flying aimlessly from one spot to another.

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