Your Time Management is Valuable to You.

Time and tide waits for no man. If an entrepreneur ever manages to bottle time, they will make a fortune. Until that time arrives we have to look at the fact that, if you don’t use the time you are given, that time is lost to you forever. In business, it is essential to use the time you are given wisely as it can make the difference between whether your business is a success or a failure. If you don’t complete your client’s projects within the agreed schedule, that client may decide to take their business to someone else and in the process they may decide to have a conversation with their friends about you and it may not be complimentary as nobody likes to receive poor customer service.

A to-do list is the most efficient way of making sure that you use your time effectively, the to-do list will incorporate what is to be done, by whom in what time frame. By using that framework you will always be able to determine what  needs to be done  in order to keep your customers loyal.

What is to be done: How proficient you are in the details of the project should determine the time allowed and the time of the day that you start. For projects that you know how to do inside out you should schedule for later in the day as you are less likely to make any mistakes, for projects where the details are relatively new, you should schedule for early morning where your attention will be greater. The saying if you don’t have the time to do it right? When will you have the time to do it over comes to mind?

By whom: Who is to complete the project should be determined by the skill set of your employee’s, if you are the only employee the decision is not very difficult unless you don’t have all the skills required to complete all the tasks of the project, then you may need to outsource the project to a third-party rather than spend your valuable time on the project

In what time frame: we start businesses to be the master of all we survey but what usually happens is there are any number of clients who are prepared to tell you what they want and when they want it and unless you made a killing on the lotto you will have to ensure that you keep to the schedules that are set down by your clients. This requires that you know what you are able to achieve in what time schedule. This knowledge will take time and a great deal of clock watching in order to not disappoint or to have to outsource projects to be completed on time.

  • When your to-do list is kept up to date your time is being managed properly and this will allow you to use it efficiently.

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Brendan Dunne



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