We Learn by Association. What Values do you Associate with your Business?

Ivan Pavlov was the first to identify that we learned by association and that other stimulus could be used to bring about the same desire, even though Pavlov’s initial experiments involved our four-legged friends, the results were later proven to have a similar effect on consumers. This information is invaluable to today’s marketers as they try to extract as much of your hard-earned money as possible. please note below how this is accomplished.

Scents: We see this in most retailers today where they bake bread rolls in their stores. This is designed to make the customers think they are hungry, this works on a subconscious level but the results are conclusive, customers buy more on impulse, rather than buying what they need.

Brands: The logo on the right needs no introduction as it’s probably one of the most famous brands in the sporting world. The image is only a tick but to millions all over the world it is associated with the height of quality and what’s more they are prepared to pay a high price to be associated with the brand.

Slogans: The most famous slogan associated with any brand has to be “Because you’re worth it,” the words deliver a powerful message that the users deserve to wear the best. L’oréal by associating this message with their products are in the top of the mind awareness when it comes to beauty products.

The one message we should take from this is, always associate positive messages and images about your business. When you do this, your clients and customers will see your business as positive and will want to associate their image with yours!

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