A Varied Content will Keep your Customers Engaged

Keeping your customers engaged on a constant basis requires flexibility of thought and content, as you know yourself from watching television, if the same programme is being repeated on a regular basis, the first thing that comes to mind when you see it is; where is the remote control? And what’s more you can’t get to the remote fast enough. The same principle applies to engaging your customers using social media. Even if what you say is highly relevant, it will become increasingly less relevant the more times it’s seen.

What you can do to keep your customers as engaged as possible is

  • Constantly update the information you’re delivering to ensure it is up to date, reading an article that was written two or three years ago is not going to get you any Brownie points. Also unless you are giving customers a sneak preview of upcoming events make sure that all posts are written so that even if the customer only see’s that post they know what is going on? Use a link to previous information if necessary.

  •  Add humour to your posts, it is one of the best ways of keeping your customers engaged as they will be waiting for the next good laugh.
  • Advertise special offers on an irregular basis as this will also keep your customers checking on your site, from time to time give something free as part of a goodwill gesture to your regular followers. Just make sure that you advertised before and after to ensure you benefit from the positive publicity.
  • Promote local and national positive news stories. Pass on stories regarding local charitable work being done in the community.
  • Self promotion is recommended approximately 20% of the time, these posts should always be put in such a way as to get the customers opinions, give them a description and ask their opinion. It’s the soft-sell rather than the hard-sell approach.
  • Consistency is the key to succeed in social media marketing; you need to be putting out useful material on a regular basis for the social media platform you are using.

  • Use images with your posts, it’s a great way of getting your customer’s attention and keeping them engaged down through your post.

Keep your customer’s attention online and they will keep you and your product in mind every time they are using anything that is associated with your area of expertise.

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7 Responses to A Varied Content will Keep your Customers Engaged

  1. acalerog says:

    Excellent list of tips. I would just add an extra one: Involve your customers into your strategy.Sometimes it is just enough to add a poll or survey, mention their names on some posts, run quizzes, etc…

    One of the benefits of eMarketing compared with traditional channels is the interaction with the audience. In fact, when customers feel their opinions are actually “doing something”, they feel in control of their own purchase decisions, which will not only translate into higher engagement rate (and thus loyalty), but also more leads and referrals.


  2. An enjoyable and engaging post! I am relatively new to blogging so reading other blogs to see how they engage readers seems like the best way to learn. I tend to have the urge to write quite long posts but I guess the more you write the harder you have to work to keep the reader engaged. Would you advise me to limit tthe word count or focus on using the tips in your post to engage readers?


    • BrendanDunne says:

      Thank you for your compliment. Regarding how long or short a blog should be is highly dependent upon the subject you are writing about and for whom you are targeting with your blog. I do believe that you should use relevant imagery to break up large blocks of text, of course that is a personal opinion. I wish you the very best of luck with your blogs.


  3. tessa says:

    Brendan, thanks so much for your helpful tips and advice! One thing that would make your articles even more helpful would be if you could add little examples of ‘how to’ and ‘how not to’. Monkey see, monkey do principle 😉


  4. patmcmmc says:

    Soubd advice, as always!


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