Share your Personality and Knowledge Today

The secret to a successful social media strategy is sharing your content, personality and Knowledge. Social media marketing only works when you burst that protective bubble and share what you have to offer with the rest of the community. Lilach Bullock @lilachbullock and Jeff Bullas @jeffbullas are two great examples of how to share for success using social media.

Content alone will not make you successful unless you make a positive impression on the social media world that they are prepared to read what you have to say.

Your online personality is on show with every post, blog or tweet, your readers will make a decision whether to take note of what you say or ignore everything you write. Unless you are a news channel and part of your responsibility is to inform the general public of bad news keep all the information and images about your business positive and upbeat.

Give freely the knowledge or experience you have gathered throughout your career, this is the information that you picked up while sitting in all those business meetings waiting for your area of expertise to be required, or even the information you picked up off of the radio on your way to the office this morning.

When you share what you can with others, be it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or whatever social media platform is your favourite, they are inclined to share back with you the information they have collected. This creates a greater collective knowledge base that is a win/win for everyone. 

In one sentence

·        “It’s like having an all-knowing, caring, sharing friend at your fingertips”

·        Share it forward today and you will start to receive the benefits of your good networking.

Till later,

Kind regards,

Brendan Dunne.

Arrow Digital Marketing



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Sharing my life experience, one post at a time.
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