“Nine Positive steps to Succeed in Business”.

Albert Einstein was definitely ahead of his peers but for us mere mortals Success is a destination that is determined by our path through life. Some people believe themselves successful if they are able to get out of bed in the morning and fall into it at night without contributing to the world around them in any meaningful way.

In a business, success is measured in many different ways such as money in the bank, the respect of your peers or what I consider to be the most important, satisfying the needs of your clients or customers profitably. Regardless of how you gauge your success, we all achieve success in a similar manner,


1.       Always think positively about your business, this will show in all your messages.

2.       Decide what objectives you wish your business to achieve? Then set intermediate measurements to see if your objectives are becoming a reality.

3.       Action is important, don’t waste your energy talking about what you are going to accomplish.

4.       There is always something new to be learned about your industry. What have you learned today?

5.       Success is not waiting on you; you have to work to achieve it.

6.       Analyse everything, when you get a minor triumph, identify where you went right? Imitate and improve on the original idea.

7.       Identify what makes your business unique, is it you? And if it is sell your personal brand as much as your business brand

8.       Respect the people you interact with, treat them as you would like to be treated.

9.       Keep your promises, reliability and trust are the foundation of all relationships both business and personal

  • Remember, Success is achievable by all; you just have to continue to do the simple things well!

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