“Is Good Layout, Spelling or Grammar really necessary in communications?”

The aim of any promotional literature is for the receiver to read the copy right through to the end to make sure the message that was sent is the message that is received. I have listed below what I believe should be the priority of the author in terms of layout, spelling and grammar.

  1. In order for this to be accomplished the layout is highly important, the article has to look as if it is not congested and will be relatively easy to digest. Good imagery should be used to break up the text and carry the reader’s attention down through the article.
  2. I believe the spelling is next on the scale of importance; readers will associate laziness and more descriptive terms to the writer of the article where obvious spelling errors are visible.
  3. As a colleague mentioned earlier graduates leaving college are not up to speed with proper grammar and that is why grammatical errors are number three on my list of communication failures.
  • It is important for businesses to identify where their weaknesses are and hire or outsource the work to fill the gap.
  • Good communication is the key to growing your business.

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4 Responses to “Is Good Layout, Spelling or Grammar really necessary in communications?”

  1. patmcmmc says:

    There should be a basic mandatory class for the use of: to too two; there they’re their; your you’re etc. in all college courses!


  2. Tony Hodson says:

    Incorrect use of your and you’re would have to be my pet hate Brendan! Out of every 10 emails I receive, at least 8 will start with “Hi Tony, hope your well…” and I have to resist the temptation to reply, “hope my well is what?”


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