Integrating Your Social Media Platforms is necessary to Succeed

No man is an Island, we are all integrated into society, when we lose one person, society loses. The same can be said for using any of the digital marketing platforms. One platform’s message is weakened by not integrating it with the rest of your social media strategy.

Integrating your social mediaA very good analogy for a social media strategy is “We shake hands on Twitter, have a conversation on Facebook, read a novel on the website and use email to send out special offerings to our loyal clients and customers.” That is the basics behind a good social media strategy. Each social media platform is used to deliver messages in the way a client or prospective client expects. Please note below how we use each social media platform,

Twitter: Everyone using twitter knows that each tweet can only contain 140 characters and that is what they expect, short snappy sentences that will get their attention, if the tweet has the right hook they will click on the link that will bring them to the Facebook page.

Facebook: Facebook allow us the opportunity to show what we share in greater detail, with the new Facebook structure visitors to our sites will get an immediate impression of what we can do for them, if your cover picture doesn’t get their attention they might never go any further. Providing there is enough good content on your Facebook timeline the prospective client will seek to know more about what you do and that is when they will click on your Website.

Website: Your website will contain all the relevant data about the goods and services you provide plus evidence of where the company is now and where the company is going. The website will have a profile of the people who work with the customers as we all know people do business. There should be a link to allow people to subscribe to your monthly or weekly newsletters depending on the nature of your business and how often you want to interact with your customers.

Email: Email is a great way of connecting with your customers and informing them of what you currently have on offer; for example if you are in a business to business scenario where your customers place a big order once a month the right time to send out your newsletter is approximately 3 to 4 days prior to the order being placed. In a Business to-consumer market the emailed newsletter might be sent out on a weekly basis.

  • Social media platforms are designed to work together, no one platform will give you the return on investment you shareholders would like. Make the most of your social media environment today and the clients you interact with will look after your business tomorrow.

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