A Social Media Promotional Strategy

“It’s better to speak with one prospective customer who wants to hear your words than a thousand people who are prepared to listen”. Quality over quantity should be at the forefront of your mind at the beginning of any promotional work for your business. The objective of your promotional work is to generate brand loyalty with your current and prospective customers and to create good public relations in the process.

To develop our strategy we have to determine the following:

What objective is to be achieved? On any social media campaign the outcome is to get more followers to listen to your messages on a long-term basis.  An objective could be to increase your Twitter followers from 500 to 650 or increase your likes on Facebook from 500 to 750.

Target Market: As in the opening line quality is more important than quantity, your target market are prospects who have a need for your product or service. A profile of your prospect could be described as a woman between 40 and 50 years old, who lives in Dublin, has teenage children and is interested in cookery.

The Prize: Once you have determined your target market the prize will easy to establish. Your target market will already be using your main product or service so this is an ideal opportunity to put up a prize for one of your products or services where supply currently outweighs demand (stock items). The prize for any promotion should be something to drive your business forward, I wouldn’t put up a prize such as a weekend for two in a plush hotel unless you happen to own the hotel. Another reason is that I know of very few people who will not enter that particular competition and all you will get for your social media platforms are false likes that are of no value to you but will make your stats look awful. How many times have you seen a social media site with thousands of likes and 10 people are actively engaging with the site.

The Message: On twitter the 140 character limit will not leave you with much room to waffle, create about five different tweets that are related to the prize on offer and have a link to your Facebook page where the details of the prize will be outlined. The message is the hook to bring your prospective clients to your Facebook page, take your time with the messages and make sure they’re compelling.

Time Schedule: The schedule for the promotion should be in relation to the value of the prize on offer. A meal for two in a classy restaurant will get a better response than a meal for two in McDucks. The more valuable the prize the more interested the prospects will be and the chance of the promotion will go viral.

  • Promotions are a great way of creating an interaction between you, your customers and your prospective customers.
  • Always insure that you take into account long-term gains versus short-term wants, only promises what you can deliver.

Till later

Brendan Dunne

Arrow Digital Marketing

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