How to Tweet for Success (2)

“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish,” the wise words of John Quincy Adams, those words should be the mantra for all professionals working on twitter. If you are looking instant success in creating awareness for your brand, products and services; Twitter is not the route for you!.

The picture shows what happens when your only goal is getting a return on your investment.

 SadTwitter is about building relationships with your followers, listening to what they have to say and then providing them with your solutions. Unless you are a Celebrity with many adoring fans waiting to hear about what their idol had for breakfast (Charlie Sheen 6.75 million followers); building a following takes time. I see a lot of business’s open up twitter accounts and have given up after five or six weeks. Building up a following requires a strategy of consistency. Tweet, blog, interact on a regular basis is the foundation for success.

Tweet: As we covered in How To Tweet for Success (1)  your tweet’s content has to be of importance to your followers and should portray the values of your business. The tweets relating to your business should be sent intermittently because people will check into Twitter at different times throughout the day.

Each tweet should be structured in such a way as to be meaningful to the reader without having to read all your tweets, or if you are going to send a number of tweets that are related to a prior tweet, number the tweets, so that the reader will be aware there is a bigger picture to look at.

Blog: Write about your business experience and share that knowledge with your followers, they will, more than likely be aware of the information, but every customer likes to know that they are dealing with a professional who is knowledgeable about the industry they operate in.

Interact: This I believe is the most important part of building up a following. Start by following back those who follow you providing it is not a spammer. There are enough professionals on twitter who are prepared to listen as well as advise; don’t follow those who are not prepared to listen to you. The next stage is to join in on the various business groups who discuss business topics online using certain hash tags such as #biztalk or #Irebiz. Networking works regardless of where it occurs.

  • Building up a following takes time but with in excess of 210,000 twitter users in Ireland, it is worth every minute of the perseverance required

Till the next instalment

Brendan Dunne.

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One Response to How to Tweet for Success (2)

  1. patmcmmc says:

    Too many people miss this point. They sell sell sell until people unfollow or it’s me me me without any interaction and again the same result.
    The bottom line is people buy from people and twitter is about getting to know these people and letting them buy from you rather than selling to them.


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