How to create a Positive Sentiment on Twitter for your Business

In the words of Plato “Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something”. These are the words that should be gospel to those who use twitter for business.

TwitterThe purpose of using twitter for business is to create positive sentiment for your brand, products and services, this positive sentiment will lead to positive growth in your sales figures.

Negative sentiment should be avoided at all cost, in times past the irate customer may have only spoken to his or her partner or a few close friends, but in today’s social media environment they have the opportunity to spread their message around the world in 80 seconds using social media platforms.

Now let’s look at how you create positive and negative sentiments in the minds of your clients and customers.

Creating Negative Sentiment

This is all about the content you use, and the impact it has on the people who are aware of your messages. Don’t spend time thinking of imaginative tweets to get the wrong persons attention for the wrong reasons. How often have you excitedly clinked on a link only to find out the tweet was misleading? I recently clicked on a link, where the opening line was do you have a blog? I thought it must something to help with blogging, I found out they were selling video services. There are two chances of me clicking on any their links again, that’s right slim and none.

Bulk uploads may sound like an easy way to kill many birds with one stone, but the effect can be quite the opposite, when your twitter stream is full of one businesses avatar, the compulsion is to unfollow that person, even if their content is good, another option is to block or just report their content as spam; I’m sure that wasn’t the intention of the sender.

Twitter tries to help businesses by not allowing the same tweet to be re-tweeted repeatedly; this is a good idea, when you see the same tweet every five minutes it gives the same compulsion as with bulk uploads. Your good tweets should be sent again, just leave enough time so that you are targeting a different audience.

There is enough bad news being reported everyday by traditional media, don’t share this type of content unless you want people to associate your business with bad news.

Creating Positive Sentiment

What you tweet will be associated with your brand, with this in-mind, your tweets should be positive, informative and clearly written with the prospect/customer in mind.

As with all promotional messages, think of how the end-user is going to decode each individual message, keeping in-mind that they will not have your in-depth knowledge of previous messages. Think about how you feel when you meet up with friends and they are already deep in conversation, you need a little help in catching up with what they are discussing.

communication 4Use language relating to your business that your customer understands, and not the language you are comfortable using. Technical words might be used in your everyday environment, but your audience might hear these words and need to get a dictionary out to help them decipher what you are saying.

Retweet information that is helpful to society such as charitable events or businesses looking for new suppliers or job vacancies, this also creates positive sentiment for your business.

* Sharing the right information with the right people at the right time using respect as your guide will ensure success for you, a good sentiment for anyone using twitter for business.

Till Later

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5 Responses to How to create a Positive Sentiment on Twitter for your Business

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  3. Really helpful, Brendan! Thankyou 🙂


  4. socialbridge says:

    Fascinating post, as ever!
    I’m surprised you left out the use of humour in positive tweeting as I think you use this really, really well in your tweets. Nothing like making people smile to generate positivity. I know it can be a bit tricky but isn’t even the serious stuff?


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