You Need Social Media Marketing in today’s market place!

Social Media Marketing has only been in existence for a mere 9 years, but the impact it is having on how businesses market their products and services have been dramatic, Social media marketing must be approached in a very different manner from traditional marketing. You are not just creating awareness for your business; you are creating awareness through relationships with online communities. If people feel you are part of their community, they will support you and recommend you to their friends. It is truly word-of-mouth marketing at its best. You have the opportunity to have your brand name spread throughout the world-wide web.

Integrating your social mediaIn order to have an online presence you need to have the answers to the following questions?

  1. Do you have a Social Media Management plan and strategy?
  2. Do you understand the do’s and the don’ts of Social Media Marketing?
  3. Do you have the time to carry out your social media strategy correctly?
  4. Are you up to speed on the new Social Media or are you overwhelmed by all the Social Media offered online today?

Social Media Marketing has its own rules that are very different from traditional marketing. It is very important to know how to structure and manage a Social Media Marketing campaign as your company’s reputation depends on it. Marketing on Facebook and marketing on Twitter are very different, for example, yet both are necessary for a complete campaign. If your business very visually orientated such as shoes? you have to be on Pinterest.

There is a social media platform that is ideal for your business, join the social media revolution today!

Kind regards

Brendan Dunne

Arrow Digital Marketing.

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