10 Reasons Why Professional Business People Need to Use Twitter

Social Media

Social Media

Twitter is the most rapidly adopted communication platform in history, going from zero to 300 million users in the space of four and a half years. On Twitter word can spread halfway around the world faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious; and that is one of the main reason  companies no longer has the option of ignoring the ongoing conversations! Below are some of the other reasons.

1)      Connecting with customers: Whether you’re in the business to business or business to consumer markets, business is carried out between people,  these people are using Twitter to search for information about their interests and share what is on their minds. If you’re not interacting with your customers who will be? Your competitors, that’s who.

2)      Building your Brand: Every tweet you put out on Twitter gives you the opportunity to create a greater awareness for your brand, there are in excess of 300 million users  worldwide on Twitter, if yours is a product or service that has worldwide appeal, Twitter is the social media tool for you.

3)      Brand loyalty: By constantly keeping in touch with your customers you are in their conscious minds for the products or services that you provide. They will recognise your brand and recommend your messages to their followers.

4)      Listening to Customers: This is the main reason for using Twitter for your business, your customers and potential customers are on Twitter talking about every topic, disgruntled, and dissatisfied customers are venting their anger online. If your name is being tarnished online you need to be aware of what they are saying and rectify any bad or misleading PR.

5)      Promotion: Twitter is an opt in social media platform and you can use this to your advantage. When people opt in, they are giving you permission to send them information about what products and services you have to offer.

6)      Company updates: This is a great medium for sending customers updates on company activity, who has been promoted to what position, job vacancies and other news that is relevant to your customer base.

7)      Give away codes and promotions: There will always be times when there is a slump in demand for your products and services, this medium will give you instant access to let your customers know what is on offer. Hotels use this method to promote cheap rooms that haven’t been utilised.

8)      Twitter is viral: when you achieve some success in gaining followers on twitter you will see how viral it can be, it is recognised that a high percentage of breaking news is coming out of Twitter. Dell has succeeded in making their tweets viral with their promotion tweets.

9)      Spying on the competition: Your competition is on Twitter, and they are trying to entice your customers to follow them to their websites and you know what is going to happen next, the hole in the bucket theory for acquiring customers has a basis in fact.

10)   Increase sales: Twitter is the hand-shake of the social media world at your disposal; it gives you the opportunity to make contact with potential customers and invite them to see more of what you have to offer on your Facebook or Website sites. Creating awareness is the first step in the selling process.

Regardless of the industry you operate in, you will find informative tweets and tweeters on Twitter. Social media networking is a relatively new way of communication with your peers but it is becoming the most important way of keeping up breaking news.

  • If your business is not on Twitter, your business will surely be following on the tails of your competitors who are.

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    Twitter and what are you missing!


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