“Using LinkedIn is Beneficial for You”

LinkedIn is a professional, business and career oriented social networking site. It allows you to interact with a large number of professionals with a wide range of expertise that you can use to your advantage. Networking to gather vital information that allows you to run your business more efficiently is always a good idea especially if the information is free. LinkedIn also gives you the opportunity to share the knowledge that you have acquired through experience thus getting acknowledgement from your peers for you and your brand. We will now look at how you can achieve your objectives through LinkedIn

Register your profile:  When registering with LinkedIn the site gives you the opportunity to put your CV information on your profile, this will enable you to be found by your friends and peers who will become what are called connections.

Growing & managing your connections:  Quality far exceeds quantity where your connections are concerned, you should target the people whose opinions and expertise are relevant to your industry, there are many people who have experience in another sector but why get the information second-hand when there are enough experts who are willing to share information in your own sector.

LinkedIn Answers:  This is the most influential area of LinkedIn, this is where questions are put out about a specific topic and the question is answered by professionals who are trying to impress their peers by their knowledge, you can put out a question yourself and then work with the best number of answers from your point of view. Did I mention this is free? Unless you decide to upgrade.

LinkedIn Services: this tool is a complete directory of service providers that have recommended by other users in your network. Learning from the experience of others is always cheaper than paying for the experience and getting a bitter after taste.

Search LinkedIn: This tool allows you to search the LinkedIn database for friends or professionals who have had contact with throughout your career, if you come across someone you would like to connect with you can ask one of your current contacts for a referral or upgrade your account and contact them directly.

LinkedIn Groups: This allows you to join any group of like-minded professionals.

LinkedIn Jobs: There is an opportunity to sell your personal brand through what LinkedIn provides, there are statistics that show that 50% of people are on LinkedIn looking for a change of career and that 10% of companies are on LinkedIn looking for new talent.

In conclusion, I would like to say that LinkedIn is a very good social networking site. If used properly, it could increase your visibility and brand name. It also adds more credibility to your image and brand.

Kind regards,

Brendan Dunne.

Arrow Digital Marketing

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