Walk Until You Feel There Are No Hills

Walk until you feel there are no hills.

Exercise for a happy, healthy life.

Troubles: You can’t walk away from your troubles but you can walk your troubles away. What do I mean by that? I mean you can exercise your way to a better tomorrow.

If in your everyday life you feel like you’re constantly climbing over hills, you put one behind you only for another to take its place. Then it’s time for you to take a walk, walk every day and when you’re on your walk think of every good thing that has happened in your life. Not only will your body thank you for the exercise, your mind will get stronger too. If you keep the exercising and positive thinking routine up for long enough; you will find all the hills in your life will have disappeared, and your walking will have gotten easier too.

The little things that annoy you today will no longer be part of your life because you will have found better things to concentrate on.

Some people ask me why I walk. The answer is simple; I walk because I want to have a fit body and healthy mind, not only for now but for my future too.

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Karma Does Not Exist


The one thing we can be sure of is; bullies who go around causing trouble will eventually come across somebody like themselves who is not kind or considerate and they will be taught a lesson they will not forget in a hurry. That’s not karma, that’s life.

“If you can’t prove or disprove an idea; you can build a religion around it.” ~Faith

“What you give to others will be given back to you.” ~”Only give what you want to receive”. ~Life

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Doctors heal physical Injuries, Prayer and Exercise Heals the Soul.

doctors-heal-physical-injuries-prayer-heals-the-soulPhysical injuries are treatable by doctors, some injuries take a long time to heal and some only require an antibiotic but when the soul is injured, it is like it is surrounded by a constant fog and the only thing that can help the soul to heal is prayer and exercise. Why exercise you ask; because exercise gives prayer a boost that allows it to work twice as fast as prayer alone.

What’s worse is, some people spend their whole lives enshrined in a fog that never lifts, they don’t get to appreciate the crystal clear sunlit days like everybody else; the most ironic thing is, that fog is created by their minds to protect them from the outside world but, not only does it protect them it also stops them for appreciating everything that is good in life too. My prayers go out to the people in the fog, I hope my prayers are strong enough to burn through the fog and let them live in the sunshine once more.

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You Have to Forget to Learn Anew

“Change will never stick if you constantly remember who you were.” And it is for that very reason you have to forget before you can learn; if you spend all your time saying, “I was insecure but that isn’t who I am today,” the first part of the sentence is a constant reminder of who you can be; if you change that sentence to, “I’m very secure at all times,” you will be only reminded about who you are today.


“Always remember yourself as the person you want to be, not as the person you’re not.”

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Nobody Needs to Bring Troubles Upon Themselves

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” ~ Albert Einstein.

“You will not fix any problem using the same thoughts that created the problem in the first place.”


“If you find you are digging a hole for yourself when you start talking without thinking; it’s time to stop digging.”

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Words Do Not Accurately Communicate Emotions


The most gifted writers have put pen to paper over the eons but they still haven’t managed to accurately put into words the deep emotional love a mother has for her children because there are no words to describe those feelings; those feelings go beyond words used by physical beings.

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Not Everybody is Ready Yet


“Some people are happy to live in ignorance; don’t spoil their perception of life by providing them with uncomfortable truth.”

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You Can Only Do So Much Today


We are blessed with many gifts in our lives but we have only one brain to think with and one pair of hands to carry out the plans we make.

If our plans are more than we can accomplish in any given day, we feel under pressure to get those things done and this causes stress.

If our plans are less than we can accomplish, we feel we are wasting valuable time.

The key is to give everything you do one hundred percent of your concentration and to realise at the end of the day, you are only human after all. RELAX, there will be more time tomorrow.


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You Don’t Have to Like Somebody to Learn from Them

beliefs-and-attitudes“You have to be willing sometimes to listen to some remarkable bad opinions to continue to learn something valuable from them.”

I wish somebody had explained this lesson to me when I was young because you learn more about yourself from people you’re not fond of than you learn from the people you like.

“A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.” ~Bruce Lee

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Do Not Undervalue Your Talent

You will meet some people in your life who will undervalue your talent; make sure you’re not one of them.


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Your History Will Defeat You if You Hold Onto It

Look closely and you will see what you need to let go of, because you can’t change it, the only thing that’s within your power to change is the way you think about it.


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