What You Imagine is Not Always Based on Reality

Your imagination is not .“The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence,” is a sentence a lot of people believe is true until they jump the fence and find out it’s been fertilized by their imaginations. They thought other people were living a better life because they were looking from the outside; when they got to experience that life up close and personal, they were disappointed because their expectations and reality were so different.

Being tempted to jump the fence is not a bad thing unless you jump without reflecting why you need to move from your current location. When you identify the cause behind your discontent, you are in a position to fix the real reason why you’re unhappy.

If you jump without finding out the real reason, the circle will just begin again. The following quotes are worth noting;

  • “The person who is unhappy in a small house will be equally unhappy in a big house.”
  • “A person who his happy with themselves will bring happiness with them everywhere they go.”
  • “The Devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you’ve ever wished for.” ~Tucker Max

The last couple are true for most people.

  • “Lead me not into temptation. I can find the way myself.” ~Jane Seabrook.
  • “Let ye who have not been tempted cast the first remark.”
  • “Logic will take you from A to B. Your imagination will take you everywhere.” ~Albert Einstein.



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Common Sense is Not Always Easy To Follow

The lights are on..Common sense often over simplifies incredibly complicated situations but when you look back at how you solved the problems you were experiencing, you often resorted to common sense ideas. The following are just a few common sense ideas I’ve gathered over the years.

  • “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”
  • “It can take years to realise the only place short cuts work is on a keyboard.”
  • “The most important lesson to learn from any mistake is to not make that mistake again.”
  • “People with common sense are hard to find.”
  • “If you don’t look where you’re going, you’ll end up going where you’re looking.” ~Crash
  • “Give somebody enough rope and they will surely hang themselves.”
  • “You can force a lot of things but you can’t force life.”
  • “Experience can lead to common sense but not everybody learns from experience.”
  • “Forgive your past; pay attention to the present because it’s a gift denied to many.”
  • “A door mat will clean everybody’s shoes but even that wears out eventually; that’s the equivalent of trying to please everybody all the time, you become a door mat.”
  • “Don’t start anything unless you intend to finish it.”
  • “Actions speak louder than words.”
  • “Overcome your insecurities; If you don’t know how, ask somebody else.”
  • “A Positive attitude attracts positive results.”
  • “Stop trying to impress people who don’t know you exist.”
  • “When you cross a bridge, decide whether is needs to be burned or not, and be prepared to die with that decision.” ~ No regrets.
  • “You will face enough real problems in your life, don’t invent problems by over thinking.”
  • “Understanding what’s within your power to control is vital for your sanity.” ~“Let it go.”
  • “Respect yourself.”
  • “Successful people do not get to be successful by wishing for success, they get there by working for it.” ~ “I became an overnight success after 25 years.”
  • “I don’t know but I will find out.” Is a good answer.
  • “The only thing you can change in an instant is your attitude, everything else takes time.”
  • “I know what you’re thinking,” is guesswork at best, and foolishness at worst.
  • “People will spread lies far quicker than they will share the truth.” ~C’est la vie.
  • “If plan A doesn’t work, don’t worry there is another 25 letters in the English alphabet.”
  • “It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” ~Mark Twain
  • “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.”
  • “Take a deep breath and release it slowly.”
  • “There is 8760 hours in a year, don’t allow what happens is 24 hours spoil the other 8736.”
  • “Failure is not the end, it’s merely the beginning of a new journey.”
  • Have a life motto. “I have complete control over my thoughts, emotions, actions and words.”
  • “What you believe is often more real than the truth.”
  • “You cannot live a positive life with a negative attitude.”
  • “The most important person you need to know is yourself.”
  • “Everything will work out for you in the end, otherwise it’s not the end it’s merely the end of another chapter in your autobiography.”

Please leave your own favorites in the comments section below.

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Gratitude Begins with the free stuff

Fill in this questionaire everyday and your life will improve everyday.

I bet it’s FREE

Gratitude begins with appreciating all the stuff you get for nothing because, if you don’t appreciate those things, you will not appreciate all the stuff you have to pay for.

Let’s look at some of the things we get for nothing but often take for granted.

Oxygen: It’s all around us, and we get as much as we need for nothing. Some people take it for granted, but others treasure it as a way to relax; when they feel under pressure for any reason, they go outside and breathe deeply, after a couple of minutes everything is under control again. It truly is a wonderful substance.

Light: The Sun brightens everybody’s mood, it’s a lot easier to smile on those days; it also provides us with the light we need, it helps us by providing the means to create vitamin D, and yes, it’s free. Without the sun our planet would not exist at all. Mind you, too much Sun is not good for you, but that’s a story for another day.

Life: There is no turnstile on the way in to this world, no passports or tickets need to be bought. There might be times in your life when you wish it was otherwise but in reality those events are few; we normally spend a lot more time thinking about sad times than experiencing them.

Health: The majority of people are healthy but they rarely appreciate that good health until it is taken away, then all you hear is, why didn’t I look after myself when the choice was mine.

Water: The most plentiful substance on the planet, approx 75% of the Earth’s surface is covered in the stuff, and if you live in a place called Ireland, you will find it falling out of the clouds most days.

The ability to learn: Everybody, regardless of their station in life has the ability to learn; we learn to communicate with our mothers first, then we learn how to get around, first it’s a swim backwards across the floor before we master the art of moving forward, this it’s followed by gaining control of our hands and knees to get where we’re going a little bit faster, we then find something solid to stand beside and take our first tentative steps, more than likely this will be along the couch, then it’s that first step to independence which is followed by a pirouette and a rough landing on the floor; the first of many; after a while we learn to waddle, walk and run.

You get the idea; we are remarkable creatures, capable of learning anything and everything.

Nature: We are surrounded by plants and animals; yes, even the weeds flower in wonderful colours for us to enjoy if we choose to see them a flowers instead of something that needs to be killed.

In life, there is a great deal to be grateful for, but like anything you get for nothing; nothing can be what is thought of it.

  • “If you think for a while about all the stuff you get for nothing, it will brighten up your day; if you think about it every day; it will brighten up your life.”
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Share Images Your Friends will Love to Share

Social media platforms will only work for you, and your business if you provide content that your friends and customers want to see and share with their friends. The following sentence is the most important message for business owners.

  • Your customers will only share information that reflects and enhances their public persona.

Time is also an issue that business owners need to take into consideration, people are pressing the like button on more Facebook business pages every day, so that means it will be increasingly difficult to get their attention because of the increased number of posts flowing through their Facebook timelines.

  • So how are we as business owners overcome this dilemma, one answer is to pay Facebook to promote their posts or they can post pictures, they are the most liked and talked about posts on Facebook.

The following is a collection of the pictures I have posted on my own Facebook page that created the most engagement.


Being positive works for everybody.

SimpleValue your customer’s time as if it was your own.

Spreading happiness is always good for business

Spreading happiness is always good for business

Motivation is a good trait to be associated with your business.

Motivation is a good trait to be associated with your business.

Good friendsEvery brand should have a sense of humour.

Helpful hints are appreciated.

Helpful hints are appreciated.

Laughter is universal

Laughter is universal

Every image you share on any social media platform enhances your business’s brand, when you associate happiness, positiveness, motivation, humour and open mindedness with your brand, you are well on your way to creating a successful online community.

  • Keep it simple to make it memorable.

More images can be found on my Facebook page.

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Please Do Not Label Yourself

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” ~Aristotle. And that is the reason why you should never label yourself. You cannot be described using one word, in fact, No word can adequately describe any person. The reason is clear, the moment you put a label on yourself or anybody else, you limit your potential and theirs because from that moment you will look for evidence to support that label.

Some of the labels include but are not limited to,

  • CarrotsFunny
  • Angry
  • Clever
  • Stupid
  • Wise
  • Male
  • Female
  • Crazy
  • Fat
  • Athletic
  • Not good enough
  • Too good
  • Sad
  • Happy

Not labeling yourself, stupid or sad is obvious but; “What’s wrong with being labelled happy or funny?” You ask. Well, there will be days when you will not feel very happy or funny and the pressure of living up to those labels could leave you feeling isolated. “I can’t face that today.” is said by people who try to live up to unrealistic expectations.

Being mislabeled by other people also has its drawbacks, imagine the surprise on somebody’s face as they eat some beetroot while expecting to taste carrot because they didn’t look beyond the label.

The only label you should give yourself is, “HUMAN.” Or, if you add the word, “sometimes,” after the labels above; you understand that, at any given moment you can change and become somebody else.

“Only label what can be labelled and even then you need to be careful.”


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Opportunity is Not Found at Your Feet

Keeping your head up when you think the world is trying to keep you down is the most important thing you can do because good body language can often be the first step on your road to success.

Head up, stay strong.

“People often miss the opportunities staring them straight in the face because they are looking on the ground.”

“The secret to success is being ready when your opportunity comes.” ~Benjamin Disraeli

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Physical, Emotional or Intellectual Needs

What can a relationship survive without.

Relationships are comprised of three elements; what’s the most important one?

I don’t expect too many answers because it’s a difficult question, and here’s another one, can relationships survive without one of them?

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You Need to Remember the Perfect Moments

“Every moment can be perfect.” Not everybody will agree with that quote but that will not make it any less true, they will say, “how can that disaster be perfect?” The thing to remember is, perfect moments are not always happy moments. A Perfect moment is the realization that it is impossible to change that moment in any way.

A perfect moment is the realisation

“Everything is perfect in its imperfection.”

You are where you are meant to be, everything that happened in your life was meant to happen exactly the way it happened. You were meant to encounter every person you did, even the ones you didn’t like. The people who left you were meant to leave you. Even the boring moments were perfect.

The brain is a wonderful organ, it creates a world for you that mirrors your thoughts, if you believe the world is a perfect place, your brain will show you wonderful things which will seem perfect as they are; the opposite is also true, if you believe the world is unfair, all you will see is unfairness everywhere you look. The thing to remember is,

“The more perfect moments you remember, the more perfect your future will be.”

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Accept Who You Are Today

You cannot change your past, you can’t remove your memories either, that’s not the way your mind works but everybody can improve their future.”

an empty vessel...

Who you are today was determined by who you were yesterday.

Your world revolves around the perception you have of yourself, if you beat yourself up over decisions or events from your past, your future will never change. Only when you learn to accept everything was meant to happen exactly the way it happened, will you be in a position to change your future. If you don’t learn to like who you are today, you will not like who you will become tomorrow.

“You cannot feed your family from an empty pot, you need to look after yourself first.”

“Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future.” ~Oscar Wilde

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Do Not Let Other People’s Words Offend You

You're not obliged to listen to everybody who speaks.

“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.” ~Anon

“You can’t control other people but you can control how you react to them.” ~Anon

“Every accomplishment begins with the decision to try.” ~Anon

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You Can Leave the Obstacles to Growth Behind You

You pick your moment to shine.According to science the universe is not slowing down as it expands, it’s actually speeding up which contradicts the big bang theory and general relativity. The further objects travel from where they were thrown the slower they should go.

A good example of this is; if you throw a ball at somebody standing near you, they will get hurt. If you throw a ball at somebody down the other side of the field, they’ll end up walking towards you to get the ball.

Imagine if you will that the universe is speeding up because the only thing slowing it down in the first place is the gravity created by whatever is at the heart of our universe, the further it travels the less it feels the effect of gravity, the only obstacle to its journey.

Now, if we applied the same theory to your evolution, the only thing holding you back is your self-limiting beliefs, (they are your gravity,) they are the only things holding you back from accomplishing anything you want to. As you eliminate all your self-limiting beliefs you remove all the obstacles from the future you desire, the quicker you remove the beliefs the faster the changes will happen in your life. Just like the universe itself you will expand and grow as a person because nothing is holding you back anymore.

Believing is making it happen.Some of the most self-limiting beliefs are;

  • You’re not good enough.
  • You’re insecure about your body.
  • You’re not clever enough.
  • You’re not liked.
  • You haven’t got the time.
  • You’re too poor.
  • Nobody will listen to you.
  • You’re not important.
  • You’re afraid of failing.
  • You’re family are holding you back.

All self-limiting beliefs are learned as you grow through life, some of the beliefs you inherited from your parents and siblings, while others are learned from people who are fighting their own insecurities. The one thing all these self-limiting beliefs have in common is, they are only thoughts which you can control with some practice and then alter them to suit you. Each of the empowering beliefs below are the same as the ones above, they’re just written in a positive instead of negative mindset.

Empowering beliefsSome of the most empowering beliefs are;

  • You’re good enough for the people who matter.
  • You’re body is perfect today and will be more perfect tomorrow.
  • You know everything you need to know right now.
  • You have all the time you need.
  • You’re liked by the right people.
  • You’ve got all the money you need.
  • The right people will hear you at the right time.
  • The only failing in life is not trying.
  • Your family will support every decision you make.

“You are the center of your universe, don’t allow your self-limiting beliefs hold you back from becoming the best possible version of you.”

Miracles are spiritual science in action; anything you believe will become a truth for you.

“Positive thoughts lead to positive actions which lead to a positive life.”

“When you leave negativity behind you, the only thing left has to be positive.”

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You Create Your Life Every Day

If you are happy with what you built.

If you do not know who you want to be, you will become that person.

“You cannot create a new you if you keep remembering the old you.”

“Create a vision of the person you want to become, now believe that is who you are today.” ~Your mindset matters.

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Knowing You are Right should be Enough

If you feel the need to put other people down so that you may feel better about yourself, you’re not stronger, it just shows up your weaknesses.

  •  “Correcting somebody’s grammar will not make you a better person.”
  •  “Everybody has a mirror in their home, you do not need to tell somebody what they look like.”
  • “Pointing out other people’s stupidity does not make you clever.”

It's not important if you are right.

The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us, but those people who win battles we do not even know they’re fighting.

“Strong people do not put other people down, they raise them up.” ~Anon


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You are The Sum of Your Beliefs

Your beliefs control your life.

“Doors will only be opened by people who believe they have what’s needed to enter them.” ~Anon.

“Self-confidence is the foundation on which every successful career is built.” ~Anon


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