I aspire to be a positive influence on everybody who wants to be positive


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Your thoughts are the solution to every stressful event you encounter

Which lane is going to get me where I want to goStress is caused when your mind tries to find a resolution to a problem when you do not have the information or power to solve it.

Example: If you consider stressful situations are like being stuck in the middle lane of the traffic jam like that white car.

Unknowable: You don’t know what’s causing the tailback or how long it will take you to get to your destination. You don’t know whether the lanes on either side of you will go faster or slower if you move into them.

What you know: You know the traffic jam will not last forever, eventually the traffic with thin out and you will get moving forward again.

  • Another thing you know is, being stressed about your current situation is not going to help you in any positive way.

stress can be relieved through acceptanceDuring those stressful moments in your life the only logical option is to accept the following. You are where you are meant to be and you will arrive at your destination when you’re meant to arrive.

I’ll leave you with a couple of lines that employ common sense.

  • If your actions don’t relieve your stress, you’ve got to learn how to change how you think about the cause of your stress.
  • Stress is something you embrace, you have the power to release it.
  • Stress is clearly the result of not thinking clearly.
  • You should never stress about what you cannot possibly know.
  • Whatever you accept will not cause you stress.
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Believing in yourself is good for you

When you believe in your future, nobody can take it away from you.

bumble beeAccording to all known laws of aviation, there’s no way that a male bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground, however, the male bee doesn’t care what humans believe so he continues to fly effortlessly along.

That’s one valuable lesson people can learn from the humble bee: Don’t listen to people with limited beliefs about what’s possible.

You may be talented, inspired and motivated, however, if you don’t believe in yourself, those traits will only get you so far. Remember, your belief in yourself is your super power, it gives that edge over everybody else who is competing with you.

How do you believe in yourself?

  1. As long as your beliefs help keep on believing.Accept yourself for who you are today.
  2. Look back on everything you have accomplished in your life. For example; if you have passed one exam in your life, you’re capable of passing every exam you will take in your future.
  3. Talk out loud to yourself, tell yourself how energetic, powerful, strong and courageous you are. If you feel uncomfortable letting other people hear you, put a pair of earphones in and they will think you’re motivating somebody using your mobile phone.
  4. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Believe me when I tell you, every leader makes mistakes all the time, they’re just better at hiding them.
  5. Learn from everybody you admire. Take the traits you admire most about them and adopt them to suit your purpose.
  6. Adopt a positive attitude towards everything.
  7. Live in the moment, if something isn’t going right for you at any given time, don’t cling to that moment, let it go. There will be plenty of moments when everything will go right for you.
  8. Listen to, and accept compliments from other people with gratitude.
  9. Don’t pay attention to insults. They’re normally given by weak people who think they will make them strong.
  10. You are not alone.
  11. Share your opinions. However, don’t expect everybody to agree with you.
  12. Don’t allow your past to anchor you to the past.
  13. Believe in your destiny, you were put on this planet for a good reason.

I’ll leave you with a couple of my favourite quotes:

  • “Every saint has a past, every sinner a future.” ~Oscar Wilde.
  • “We are what we believe we are.” ~C.S. Lewis.
  • “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt.
  • “Never stop trying. Never stop believing. Never give up. Your day will come.” ~Mandy Hale.


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Karma what goes around comes around

Karma what goes around comes aroundHow other people think and act will determine what they attract into their lives (their karma), your thoughts and actions will determine your Karma.

Cursing your enemies may sound like a fun thing to do; “May you get the runs on your wedding night.” or “may you get an itch you can’t reach, are two popular Irish curses. However, they’re your thoughts and if you wish those things for somebody else, you’re really wishing them for yourself.

You’d be better off wishing for them to experience a wonderful happy and healthy life, and wishing for them to win a fortune every year they’re alive. Now, that’s something worth receiving.

How Karma works: If you work on the theory that your karmic force is an all-powerful 14-month-old baby, who doesn’t know right from wrong, positive from negative, good from evil and whose ability to understand language is almost non-existent. All they understand are images and emotions. That’s why the information you’re sending to your karmic force needs to be clear.

If you’re forever cursing people, your karmic force will guide you to find more people to curse. If you’re wishing happiness for people, it will look for people and events to bring more happiness into your life. I’ll leave you with one final thought;

If you knew how powerful your thoughts and emotions are, you’d never concentrate on a negative one.

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Imagine if reality resembled reality tv

Blessed are those people who believe reality tv is real because they have truly wonderful imaginations.

The majority of people know that reality tv is staged and carefully edited to illicit some emotional response from the audience, it doesn’t matter what kind of response as long as it’s not boredom.

Now, if you were to align reality with reality tv, it would mean that everyone in the real world have a preplanned script ready to use depending on who they were meeting on any given day. The conversations would be repeated over and over again and nothing new would ever be discussed.

The popular topics being discussed would be, other people’s behaviour, (how could they), the weather, what you watched on tv, who won the match, what politician made promises they couldn’t keep, who is in a relationship with whom, who got a new job, who bought a new house or car and last but not least, who got sick or died.

When all’s said and done, maybe reality isn’t as far removed from reality tv as you’d think it should be. As a famous playwright once said.

“All the world’s a stage, and the men and women are merely players.” -Shakespeare

P.S. There are people who don’t engage in those conversations, they are also members of the general public, however, they’re generally the silent observers, or introverts.

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The three steps to a positive life

Seeing, listening and acting are those three steps.

Seeing positivity.

You’ve got to know what positivity looks like.

Listening to positivity.

You’ve got to know what positivity sounds like.

Acting positively.

You’ve got to put everything you’ve learned into practice.

Each element on its own will benefit your life, however, if you employ all three, they will put you on a path of life you’ll enjoy for a very long time.

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Reading comments online is very entertaining.

When I see an interesting post I read the comments to see if someone is sharing information that adds to the post. The majority of the comments discuss the topic in the post, however, not all of them. Occasionally I come across a comment and I wonder if the person read the post at all or if I’ve missed something, it does happen from time to time. After some head scratching I think to myself, just because you can leave a comment doesn’t mean you should, people may not be ready to hear your thoughts aloud.

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No thing defines who you are

Your personality is the only thing you need to bring with you through your entire life. You can collect everything else on the way.

The danger of things.

If you let things define who you are, you can be lost, stolen, damaged or broken. That’s why your self-esteem should never be linked to things.

And that’s why the most important thing in life are not things.

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What does your favourite colour say about your personality

The answer to the question in the title is the same as the answer to, what does your horoscope say about your personality, absolutely nothing.

Who doesn’t appreciate green grass?

Everybody appreciates the little black dress.

I don’t know anyone who would reject a Ferrari because it’s red.

A beautiful clear blue sky is appreciated by people who only see it occasionally.

The same goes for white snow flakes meandering to the ground.

The yellow daffodils are a clear sign spring has arrived, and who doesn’t appreciate that?

Silver is so popular it’s on every car and most jewellery.

Orange is the only colour that’s actually a fruit. You either like them or you don’t. My favourites are the easy peal tangerines.

Brown is appreciated when the farmers are finished ploughing in preparation for planting this year’s crops.

You will not forget the picture of a field of purple lavender flowers.

Most young girls love pink or maybe it’s their mothers who like to see them in pink.

Yes, you’re right, the psychology of colour has been around for a long time, but so has astrology. You can choose to find specific meaning in them or you can appreciate every aspect of them.

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Existence is a temporary experience

Nothing lasts forever. If you take that sentence literally and say, nothing (the absence of people and things,) will last eternally, this is not correct either, before the universe existed as we see it today, there was nothing, not even time. So, the phrase should read, not even nothing lasts forever, everything is temporary.

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Your life is made up of moments

Your life is made up of millions of moments, it’s up to you which moments you choose to remember.

There are three thousand six hundred seconds in every hour.

Remember a lot can happen in a moment.

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Photoshopping a picture doesn’t improve the subject being photographed

Virtual improvements have no real effect, they merely hide perceived imperfections.

Train your mind to see a better world.

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Repeated messages are more believable

If your brain is exposed to the same message over and over again, you will begin to believe it regardless of the veracity of the message.

Children who grow up being told by their parents that they’re beautiful will grow up to become beautiful adults regardless of what anyone else thinks.

You can interchange beautiful with any number of adjectives and the same rule applies.

  • Interesting leads to interesting.
  • Intelligent leads to intelligence.
  • Clever leads to cleverness.
  • You’re a great worker.
  • You’re lucky leads to a lucky adult.
  • You’ll be a millionaire when you grow up.
  • Love leads to being lovable.
  • Brilliant leads to brilliance.
  • Rich leads to riches.
  • You’ve got a great imagination.
  • Handsome leads to handsome. 
  • Funny leads to hilarity.
  • Talented leads a child everywhere.

Unfortunately, not all parents know this information and spend far too much time telling their children they’re clumsy, lazy, worthless, stupid or worse again, completely ignore them believing they should be seen and not heard. 

This rule doesn’t apply to just children, teenagers and adults telling each other what they think can cause delight or anxiety too for the same reason. (You’re my beautiful Muppet, is not a compliment.)

This rule has been used by advertising companies for years. For example. L’oreal use it very effectively by telling people they’re worth it, to sell them a scent that’s over priced. Coco cola and Pepsi are indistinguishable in blind taste tests, however, their advertising isn’t, it won’t be long before you’ll see the Christmas train coming. “You know it’s the real thing.”

I know they’re only words, however, that old rhyme, “sticks and stones may break my bones but your words will never hurt me,” is not true.

I’ll leave you with a quote that’s worth remembering.

“Only speak if the words you’re about to use are more beautiful than your silence.” -Greek proverb.

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It only takes a second to change your life

You’ll be surprised by how much you can accomplished in a second.

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