Walk Until You Feel There Are No Hills

Walk until you feel there are no hills.

Exercise for a happy, healthy life.

Troubles: You can’t walk away from your troubles but you can walk your troubles away. What do I mean by that? I mean you can exercise your way to a better tomorrow.

If in your everyday life you feel like you’re constantly climbing over hills, you put one behind you only for another to take its place. Then it’s time for you to take a walk, walk every day and when you’re on your walk think of every good thing that has happened in your life. Not only will your body thank you for the exercise, your mind will get stronger too. If you keep the exercising and positive thinking routine up for long enough; you will find all the hills in your life will have disappeared, and your walking will have gotten easier too.

The little things that annoy you today will no longer be part of your life because you will have found better things to concentrate on.

Some people ask me why I walk. The answer is simple; I walk because I want to have a fit body and healthy mind, not only for now but for my future too.

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Anger will Resolve No Conflict

Inner peaceThe person who is angry at the world is truly only angry with themselves; it’s the conflict that rages inside their head that drives the anger but it’s easier to be angry with the world than to stop and analyse their own thoughts and feelings. For some people, this battle lasts their entire life, for others it lasts until they get fed up with blaming the world for their own life and begin to work on the real problem, their own thoughts. This leads to a journey to find inner peace.

Inner peace is the ability to look at the world and the people who live on it without judgement, it’s the ability to see perfection in imperfection. It’s the belief that everything happens for a reason even if you don’t understand the reason why things happen the way they do.

This journey will also last a lifetime but it’s a more peaceful enjoyable journey than one spent fighting your own emotions.




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You Do Not Know Who You Are Inspiring


“Keep going, you are an inspiration to everybody you meet.”

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Not Everybody Can Be Funny

how-id-like-to-look-all-the-timeThe world is full of people who can be funny but I’m not one of them; I’m the serious type, most things I think about are based on reality, when a conversation starts with an if or but, I always think of the quote, “if pigs could fly, we’d be out shooting our breakfast.” And think the conversation is a waste of time.

I do find some things funny but when somebody asks me why? By the time, I explain why it’s funny, neither of us thinks it’s funny anymore. If somebody asks me now, what’s funny. I tell them, you had to be there. They think it’s a place and a time but in reality, the place is inside my head.

Some people find the things I say funny but usually it takes me a couple of hours to figure out why.

The other day in the canteen one of the girls I work with was eating a banana, she said, “it’s kind of hard to eat bananas,” I said, “it’s kind of hard to watch you eating them too.” Everybody around me burst out laughing and I really didn’t understand why. I meant that she was making so many faces chewing the banana, it looked like she was chewing rocks. I did figure out why they laughed and could see the funny side but that was much later.

I am a serious person first and always will be, I don’t try to be funny because it’s not my true nature.

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It’s Important to Like Who You Are

The thoughts and feelings you have about yourself is the foundation of how you treat everybody else and how they in turn treat you. If you don’t like yourself, you will find it difficult to believe anybody else will like you either. If you like yourself, you will assume everybody else will like you too; whether that assumption is true, or not, is not important because in this life it is the thought that is important.


It’s never too late to learn a valuable lesson.

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Understanding is Unique



You could spend a life time discussing semantics, if fact, most people do.

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Only You Can Make Your Life Better

Your attitude determines your life, make sure you have a positive one.

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12 Steps to A Simple Life






Number 6.png


Number 8.png







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The Rain Will Continue to Fall Regardless

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.


The rain will fall regardless.

A person can be happy or sad about a rainy day but that person’s thoughts is not going to affect the rain, it will only affect them.

A person can be happy or sad about another person’s actions but their thoughts is not going to affect the other person, it only affects them.

A person can be happy or sad about their own actions; now that’s something that’s within their power to change because they have control over their own thoughts and attitudes.

“Absolutely nothing of importance can be changed when you need sleep.” ~



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Accept Who You Are and Move On to Your Next Mistake

I don’t know anybody who’s perfect in every way because I don’t know what a perfect human is supposed to be. I accept that I’m not perfect so this allows me to keep growing and learning; anybody who thinks they’re perfect just the way they are, is indeed fortunate to be blessed with a beautiful mind.

When you accept who you are..png

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The Ability to Understand supersedes the Ability to Acquire Knowledge

Knowledge is no longer the key to power; understanding is the key to power in today’s world because everybody has access to Google, the most powerful search engine in the modern world.


“If there is something you don’t know, ask Google; if you want to check your answer? Just ask a woman.”

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